When the light is low

A selection of sunrises, sunsets and twilight scenes captured around the district throughout the seasons

Pictures: staff photographer

Silhouetted horses as dawn breaks over Heath Common.
Sunset after a sudden shower on Castlefields car park, Castleford.
The spire of Wakefield Cathedral on a January morning.
Setting sun reflected across Fairburn Ings.
The first rays of the winter morning sun over New Sharlston.
Fiery sunset clouds above Castleford's old police station.
Three (look carefully!) trees on Heath Common in a December dawn.
Queen's Mill and Castleford weir in autumn evening twilight. The mill was still in production at this time, hence the lights.
Man-made and nature's silhouettes in a Heath village sunrise.
Silhouettes reflected as the sun sets over Allerton Ings.
The bricks of back-street Castleford glow in the light of the late evening sun.
Silhouetted spider on the River Aire footbridge, Castleford.
Sky and river aglow at Queen's Mill, Castleford.
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