Blooming lovely

If you keep your eyes peeled, there are some wonderful wildflower sights to be seen, sometimes in the unlikeliest spots

Pictures: staff photographer

Oxeye daisies and knapweed by the roadside at Hook Moor.
Poppies in a rapeseed field at Ferrybridge.
Another view of the Ferrybridge poppy field.
Cowlips by the A1 at Aberford.
Oxeye daisies and kidney vetch alongside Normanton bypass.
Primroses among the graves in Castleford Cemetery.
Poppies and mayweed in a field at South Kirkby.
Blackthorn blossom at Fairburn.
Field scabious on a verge at Hook Moor.
Dandelion clock at Warmfield.
Red campion at St Aidan's Country Park.
Bluebells in Ackton Pasture Wood.
Convulvus winds round a tree trunk alongside the Aire & Calder Navigation at Castleford.
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